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SEO or how to get better rankings on Google

Search Engine Optimization – SEO, or how to get better rankings on Google

Basically, when people search for something, the first page is where they usually stick. The top three results are the ones receiving the most traffic or clicks from visitors. The very first result from the google search is getting 33% of the […]

More Web Trends in 2015

1. High quality photos and images
Having high quality photos and graphic elements on your website was always and will always be must have. To get good quality photos you can buy online or have them custom made so they correspond to the actual website purpose.

Keeping it simple but high quality is a challenge and again […]

Website Trends in 2015

Web is the fastest growing area in our world.
New and awesome website is being added every minute. The social media is taking more and more of our everyday life. Web design is one of the fastest changing areas where new trends come along. The new trends in 2015 has the tendencies to apply for the […]

Types of Websites by Category

You decided it is about time to build your website before doing it you should understand what type of website will suit your needs. It is very important to know the different type and category website. Below you will find complete list of types of websites based multiple criteria like: content and functionality. You may […]

What are the benefits of the new generation Responsive Website Design?

What is responsive website design?

Let us first clarify what a responsive website design means – responsive website design  is a new modern method of creating websites which goal is to provide an optimal experience for the website visitors regardless of the visitors platform, device and operating system.

The Responsive Website design and implementation allows your visitors […]

Why Should I Have a Website – Top 10 Reasons

Why Should I Have a Website – Top 10 Reasons

In our interconnected world, it’s very important to have a great website. Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons why you should have a professionally done website…

1. Establish Your Presence

More and more people are looking for services and products on-line. […]