1. High quality photos and images

Having high quality photos and graphic elements on your website was always and will always be must have. To get good quality photos you can buy online or have them custom made so they correspond to the actual website purpose.

Keeping it simple but high quality is a challenge and again having your own custom photos gives a unique long lasting impression to your web visitors.

2. Responsive website design and web navigation

For the past few years the focus in the web design was on making the website looks great on a desktop. The new statistics show that this must apply for any mobile device. Key in web design in 2015 is to offer all your visitors great web experience no metter the device their using.

Having a responsive website is must have in 2015 and is expected to be around for the next few years as well.

3. Accessible, on the fly menus

In 2015 this technique has gained more and more popularity. Simple, easy to access menus on the fly are so much better looking. They follow you or just appear right in the moment you decide you need them. Plenty of smart web design decisions on the menus and links are to be seen in 2016.

4. Very large text

It was trend introduced in 2014 to add huge headings on your website. In 2015 it is still very popular and it looks like it will be around in 2016 as well. Bold, large typography is mixed with small descriptions and gives stunning effect. Huge text guarantees you that your visitor’s attention will be focused at least there, when they first load your web page.

Mix and match was never been that popular. What was done before with multiple text colors and font styles, now is to be replaced with size flexibility.

5. Website performance and loading speed

As always fast loading website is a plus and the fastest it loads the better. The speed and needed bandwidth are factors every web designer and web developer should take into account. The techniques are a lot and the web companies should take advantage of it.

Even the networks in 2015 allow us to load huge heavy websites fast, the trends in 2015 are again keep it simple, light, fast to load and navigate. Factors as web server location, number of midpoints and size of the photos and content affect the performance so it is worth to investigate and invest on those subjects.
Websites’ performance is one of the most important aspects of web. Flash websites are dead! Forget about the big videos, huge and heavy images and get your clean and simple website attract your web visitors.

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