Web is the fastest growing area in our world.

New and awesome website is being added every minute. The social media is taking more and more of our everyday life. Web design is one of the fastest changing areas where new trends come along. The new trends in 2015 has the tendencies to apply for the year 2016 as well.

Let take a look at the most recent Website design trends in 2015.

1. Long scrolling websites

Most of the websites published today tend to be super long. The one page website design gained a lot of popularity. The pluses are too many to be neglect. As the users of smart phone devices and ipads grew the company realized for those particular group of users scrolling through long page and looking for information is much easier then clicking on buttons and links and loading new pages.

That’s not all – adding lots of content on one page in the same time boost the website search engine positioning. It improves the website ranking which is the biggest benefit the website owners are looking for.

As very good example we can see Apple’s web page for their product iPhone 6. It is very long scrolling web page, showing all the product specifications and futures.

2. Story sharing and user interaction

To have good and valuable content on your website is a key to your web success.

The new trend in 2015 is to offer some kind of a story to your web visitors. Getting your visitors attention with options for web sharing and interaction attracts your visitors and offers them option to make your content eve more popular.

When interaction blends with nice animation used in 2015 in by new website design companies, tastefully done, can give your web site the wow factor every website owner is dreaming for.

3. Large header images – Yes or No

Huge header image was very popular trend last few years. Very often on the image we can see text and links. That was the first and only thinks your web visitors would see when landing on your web page. The newest trend is to actually do the opposite.

4. Simplicity

In 2015 clean and simple web design is most popular tendency. Removing all non-essential elements and focussing on the business purpose of the web site gives an extra push.

A lot of the web design decisions are simplified or eliminated like: background colours, lot of images, multiple layouts, different font colours and more. All those is replaced by clean and simple web design.

5. Platform and screen size independence

In the past few years most of the websites were done with fixed width. It made it really complicated to get an idea what your visitors see especially with the wide use of multiple screen sizes and screen resolutions. Other trend was to use 100% of the space but again there were lots of issues with same screen resolution and sizes.

Now when the fixed screen website width is tuff decision more and more popularity gain the website designs with max width attribute. It allows different look and feel for different screen sizes and screen resolutions. Multi platform, responsive website is a must have for any size business.